Perazzi Over & Under ‘Ribless Game’

The new Perazzi O/U Ribless Game, made exclusively for Sportarm.

Perazzi, a leading Italian gunmaker, focussed their range of shotguns initially for the clay shooting market and this style of heavier competition gun has since influenced their game shooting range, leaving them a little heavier and fuller in stock and forend dimension than game guns by other leading manufacturers.

Though this heavier build has suited some game shots wishing to extend vast loads to extreme ranges it left a clear void in the market for a more traditionally styled Perazzi game gun with a more typical lighter weight feel. A collaboration between Sportarm and the Italian gunmaker resulted in the launch of  the ‘Ribless Game’ model.

It’s styled on the classic Boss over and under from a century ago and has the true lively game feel and weight combined with exceptional handling qualities. Styled so elegantly with tapered forend, swept gripped stock ,stub rib and a brass sighting bead complementing the very curves of the barrel structure.

At its first trial in Italy Mauro Perazzi enthused “you have made a true Perazzi game gun!”  Its launch has been well received with sales both here in the UK and the USA , Mike Yardley’s excellent review shortly to be released in the shooting press will likely drive those further.


CalibreApprox. Weight
12g7lb 6oz / 3.35 kg
16g7lb 2oz / 3.23 kg
20g6lb 9oz / 2.97 kg

All actions are scaled to calibre and presented in an Oak and Leather presentation box with protective outer cover. Price £16.450 inc vat

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