(New Model) Beretta Ribless Game

Another new innovation and gun launch from Sportarm, having seen remarkable sales of our Perazzi Ribless Game, with customers adoring the change in weight and balance and appreciating the new English stock lines, we decided to make a more affordable model.

A large percentage of our Perazzi sales have been special orders, the Italian factory being flat out with production inevitably leads to a six-to-eight-month build time.

We wanted to provide a gun that we could deliver in four weeks and it needed to be reliable and affordable. We settled on the popular Beretta Classic, this renowned model offers immediate delivery, excellent timber quality and a mixture of Gamescence and scroll engraving. We removed the rib in the UK, re-engraved the mono block joint, hand struck the barrels and then English blued leaving a small foresight and breech riblet that’s rounded in the traditional Boss & Co style.

The well figured walnut stock is completely re styled including a swept Prince of Wales grip, the forend rounded and slimed then papered, coloured and sealed, both are then hand chequered and traditionally hand oiled.


See the full specification on our innovations page.