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Over the last few years, our design and product development team have worked with our partners at AYA, Perazzi, Beretta, Rizzini and Browning to develop the very best shotguns.


By combining our own shooting knowledge with years of customer feedback, we are able to work directly with our partners to create these innovative and exclusive models.

Whether you’re looking for a sidelock side by side like our award-winning AYA English Game, or an over and under ribless like the 30″ multi-choke Rizzini, you’re sure to find the right gun, safe in the knowledge that it has the Sportarm seal of approval.

Browning Ribless Game

Another pioneering innovation to the Sportarm Ribless range.


This particular Browning 725 Ribless Game has a black action with gold inlaid game scene engraving. The 725 has a highly regarded action, being seen as an improvement on the previous models. The 30″ ribless barrel is multi-choked and balances beautifully with its 14 3/4″ re-profiled Walnut stock. The elegant swept pistol grip perfectly complements the narrow forend; with both features significantly enhancing the appearance and handling qualities of this highly thought of model. This improvement on perfection makes the B725 Ribless Game the ideal choice for this seasons driven days.

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Rizzini Ribless Game Over & Under

The latest innovation from the Sportarm stable.


Our new over and under game scene engraved Ribless Rizzini. Its 30″ ribless multi-choke barrel balances beautifully with its 14 3/4″ length of pull. The elegant swept pistol grip and narrow forend enhance the appearance and complement the handling qualities of this highly thought of model, making it the perfect partner for any of this seasons driven days.

AYA English Game 'Round Body'

Sportarm expands the AYA English Game range.


A new 20 bore right-handed example of the latest model to be launched by this highly regarded Spanish maker, and available exclusively from Sportarm. The English Game ‘Round Body’ seeks to capture the wonderful English balance and feel of guns made in the twenties and thirties, and is the next step the in development of the highly successful English Game, which won Best New Shotgun in the 2016 Industry awards. The floral and scroll engraving decorating the hand detachable lock plates is exquisite. This model comes fitted in a leather makers case with accessories in a canvas and leather protective outer.

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AYA 12g Dominus

Sportarm launches another new model to complement their award winning AYA “English Game” again working closely with importers ASI and the AYA factory in Spain.


Sportarm, renowned for their innovations, have again collated knowledge from their vast customer base with the intention of building the much coveted, perfect, high pheasant shooting, sidelock, side by side. With a lot of our clients using English ‘Live Pigeon’ guns for shooting large, tall bird days, it became apparent that there was a gap in the market for a more affordable model.

Using the renowned AYA model 56, side clipped action as the starting point, Sportarm set to work creating a gun that wouldn’t drift offline when firing 34gram shells and that would still boast perfect balance, perfect handling and desirable aesthetics.

These guns are in production as we speak with demonstration models already available to try at our shop situated at Lady’s Wood Shooting School, Chipping Sodbury just north of Bath. Our intention is to keep a range of guns in stock but also provide a special order service for customers who want their own engraving, stock measurements and timber choice.


Prices start from £20,000



  • Model: AYA Dominus
  • Action: side clipped, side by side, sidelock
  • Calibre: 12g
  • Barrel length: 30 and 32 inch
  • Choked: Full & Full
  • Stock length: 15″ unless special ordered
  • Stock profile: semi pistol gripped
  • Presented in oak and leather flat case

Beretta Ribless Game

Another new innovation and gun launch from Sportarm, having seen remarkable sales of our Perazzi Ribless Game, with customers adoring the change in weight and balance and appreciating the new English stock lines, we decided to make a more affordable model.


A large percentage of our Perazzi sales have been special orders, the Italian factory being flat out with production inevitably leads to a six-to-eight-month build time.

We wanted to provide a gun that we could deliver in four weeks and it needed to be reliable and affordable. We settled on the popular Beretta Classic, this renowned model offers immediate delivery, excellent timber quality and a mixture of game scene and scroll engraving. We removed the rib in the UK, re-engraved the mono block joint, hand struck the barrels and then English blued leaving a small foresight and breech riblet that’s rounded in the traditional Boss & Co style.

The well figured walnut stock is completely re styled including a swept Prince of Wales grip, the forend rounded and slimed then papered, coloured and sealed, both are then hand chequered and traditionally hand oiled.


Prices start from £4,250



  • Model: Beretta Ribless Game
  • Action: Boxlock
  • Calibre: 12g, 20g
  • Barrel length: 28 and 30 inch
  • Choked: Multi or 1/4 & 1/2
  • Stock length: 14 3/4″
  • Stock profile: semi pistol gripped
  • Presented in maker’s plastic case

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The AYA English Game

Available exclusively to Sportarm, our design and product development team have worked closely with AYA to bring this remarkable shotgun to fruition.


We have produced a modern yet classically styled version of AYA’s versatile side by side shotgun, already widely acknowledge for being designed to withstand the pounding from modern shooting.

It is profusely decorated with the finest possible floral and scroll engraving and hand finished by artisans with generations of gun making experience.

Presented in a bespoke leather fitted labelled maker’s case complete with accessories and available in calibres 12g, 16g, 20g, 28g and .410 in both single guns and pairs.


Read the review by Mike Yardley in ‘The Field’ here.

Read the review by Bill Elderkin in ‘The Shooting Gazette’ here.

The Perazzi Ribless Game

This leading Italian maker has just launched, in association with Sportarm, a true game gun with an exceptional lighter-weight feel and exquisite handling qualities offering an effortless day in the field.


The removal of the top rib further adding finesse in balance and weight distribution creates and over and under with exceptional handling characteristics.

Inspired by a wealth of shooting experience and knowledge, our design house, partnering with one of the most respected Italian makers, has resulted in the launch of a new gun that is already becoming rapidly acknowledges as having all the attributes of a market-leading model “a sensational field gun”.

Available in calibres 12g, 20g, 28g and .410

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